Trading Division

We represent different European companies for allied range of products to offer complete system solutions to our Indian customers as a natural extension to the VORTEX range of clutches and brakes. We offer pneumatic tension control clutches and brakes, pneumatic safety brakes, automation & gear for Industrial Automation products, Steel System Variable Speed drives, innovation transmission products, etc. The respective product ranges are as below.

  • Planetary gearboxes for servo motors
  • Compact gearboxes for Robot applications
  • Right Angle gearboxes for servomotors
  • Precision Worm gearboxes for servomotors
  • Bevel gears with numerous variations
  • Planetary gearboxes for Elevator drives
  • H-Drive for infinite variable speeds
  • Minidrive for variable speeds in compact sizes
  • DC Minigear Motors with high reduction ratios
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulically actuated Caliper brakes
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulically actuated Failsafe Caliper brakes
  • Pneumatically actuated spring-set safety brakes
  • Air-actuated and Spring-applied Pneumatically-released Modular Braking Systems
  • Air-cooled & Water-cooled Clutches and brakes
  • Automatic Tension Control Systems
  • Precision and Economy line Servo Gearboxes
  • Right-Angle Gearboxes
  • Elevator Gearboxes
  • Two-Speed Gearboxes
  • Customer Specific Gearboxes
  • Robotic Gearboxes
  • Hysterisis Non-Contact Clutches & Brakes

For more detailed product information please contact our sales department