Electromagnetic Teeth Clutch


  • Wet or Dry operation
  • Zero Backlash option
  • Variable tooth profiles as option (Overload protection teething, single position engagement teething, etc)
  • Stationary or rotating field option
  • Spring applied Electromagnetically released option
  • Highest Torque v/s dimension ratio
  • Transmitting Torque Range: 6 N-m to 40,000 N-m
  • Outer friction diameter range: 40 mm to 560 mm
  • Type: RQA, FXA, SXA & other varieties


  • Feed drives in machine tools, Packaging, Textile & printing machines, Steel mills, Gearboxes for feed-drives in all types of industrial machinery.

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Electromagnetic Teeth Clutch
Electromagnetic Teeth Clutch Electromagnetic Teeth Clutch