Electromagnetic Pole-Face Friction Clutches


  • Zero backlash
  • Dry operation (Wet operation is also possible)
  • Steel –Steel friction surfaces
  • Flange mounted & Stationary field option
  • 4-pole or 6-pole faces for high torque v/s size
  • Various mounting options
  • Rated dynamic torque range: 0.5 N-m to 4,800 N-m
  • Transmitting Torque range: 0.6 N-m to 6,000N-m
  • Outer friction diameter range: 58 mm to 480 mm
  • Type: EBK, EBF


  • Textile Spinning & Weaving , Packaging & printing machinery, Machine Tools, Marine Engine, PTO drives in Agricultural Machinery, Municipal Vehicles, Pump Drives, Compressor Drives, etc.

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Electromagnetic Pole-Face Friction Clutches
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